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EMASUITE Transportation Management (ETM) offers a comprehensive platform for businesses to seamlessly oversee all transportation aspects of their supply chains. This solution empowers companies to reduce expenses, enhance service levels, and establish adaptable business process automation within their international transportation and logistics networks. Created to cater to both shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs), ETM builds a bridge of information across functional silos, geographic regions, languages, currencies, and business units, and accommodates customers' needs ranging from simple transportation to highly intricate logistics requirements.

With EMASUITE Transportation Management, companies have the power to oversee their global transportation networks with ease. This comprehensive solution allows for the seamless management of supply chain flows, including outbound finished goods, inbound supplies, inter-facility/company shipments, and returns. Plus, it supports a variety of modes of transport, including over the road, air, ocean, and rail, making it a perfect fit for companies with diverse logistics needs.

But EMASUITE Transportation Management isn't just about global control. It also enables local execution and central management, allowing companies to customize their transportation strategies for each specific business unit and geographic region. And with support for multiple languages, currencies, units of measure, and business functions, it's easy for companies to maintain a cohesive, global transportation strategy while still accounting for the unique needs of each individual location.

EMASUITE Transportation Management comprises the following systems and modules:


The EMASUITE Cloud Fleet System is a revolutionary transportation management solution that truly sets the industry standard. With its ability to seamlessly manage orders, shipments, and assets on a single platform, you can easily determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to fulfill your transportation needs. Whether you prefer to utilize your own internal capacity or turn to external service providers, this comprehensive solution allows you to make informed decisions and optimize your transportation budget. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple systems and hello to streamlined success with the EMASUITE Cloud Fleet System.

EMASUITE Cloud Fleet System provides robust support for the entire transportation lifecycle. EMASUITE Fleet Management deepens these capabilities to include the management of fleet resources (driver, power, equipment) involved in fulfilling orders and shipments. This integrated approach to managing for-hire and owned assets will benefit shippers, who utilize a private or dedicated fleet, and logistics service providers, who utilize assets in providing service to their customers. With enhanced integration to EMASUITE Cloud Supply Chain Management and other ERP solutions, organizations can leverage Fleet Management capabilities in context of the broader supply chain to achieve end-to-end support for all aspects of fleet and asset management:

·         Asset lifecycle management

·         Driver hire, education, scheduling, and payroll

·         Order capture and Customer Relationship Management

·         Fleet planning – consolidation, fleet vs common-carrier trade-offs, multi-leg, multi-mode

·         Dedicated fleet resource optimization and execution

·         Driver and equipment assignment, and utilization

·         Asset tracking

·         Asset inventory management at asset pool locations

·         Driver dispatch, mobile communications, tracking

·         Costing – fleet, external service providers, special services, accessorials

·         Payables – driver pay, independent contractors and external service providers

·         Billables – bill customers for service, asset usage

·         Cost accruals and revenue recognition

·         Damages, claims and dispute management


Whether you possess a private or committed fleet, it is essential to fully harness its potential by carefully considering the condition of your assets (such as their availability, driver schedules, and location) when planning work. The EMASUITE Fleet Management Cloud incorporates the current state of your fleet into the planning and optimization process, ensuring that fleet resources are utilized to their full potential and taking into account the capabilities of external carriers. This specialized support is particularly useful for dedicated fleets, where the focus is on maximizing the use of dedicated assets rather than worrying about driver assignments.

The many-to-many optimization of drivers and equipment takes into account intricate hours of service restrictions, drivers' home locations, the location and status of assets, and inventory positions. The decision support system includes customizable, multi-paneled screens that display key data elements across multiple entities, as well as real-time, street-level maps and Gantt charts with drag-and-drop functionality, providing visualizations of resource availability and locations.

Modules Covered:

  • Vehicle maintenance: This module helps to track and manage the maintenance needs of the vehicles in the fleet. This can include scheduling regular maintenance, tracking repair and maintenance history, and identifying potential issues before they become major problems.
  • Driver management: This module helps to manage and track the drivers in the fleet, including scheduling, training, and performance tracking. It can also help to ensure that drivers have the necessary licenses and certifications.
  • Fuel management: This module helps to track and manage fuel usage and expenses for the fleet. It can help to identify fuel-efficient routes and optimize fuel usage, which can help to reduce costs.
  • Dispatch and routing: This module helps to optimize routes for the fleet and schedule deliveries or pickups. It can also help to track the location and status of vehicles in real-time, which can be useful for managing the fleet and communicating with customers.
  • Tyre management: This module helps to track and manage the tyre usage and maintenance for the fleet. It can help to identify when tyres need to be replaced, track tyre maintenance history, and optimize tyre usage to extend the life of the tyres.
  • Payroll and HR: This module helps to manage employee payroll and HR tasks, including tracking time worked, calculating pay, and managing employee benefits and other HR matters.
  • Inventory and store: This module helps to track and manage inventory and supplies needed for the fleet, including spare parts and other supplies. It can also help to manage ordering and reordering of supplies to ensure that the fleet has what it needs when it needs it.
  • Vehicle cargo tracking: This module helps to track and manage the cargo being transported by the fleet, including tracking the location and status of the cargo in real-time.
  • Invoicing and billing: This module helps to create and manage invoices and bills for customers, including tracking payments and managing billing disputes.
  • Accounting and finance: This module helps to manage the financial aspects of the fleet business, including tracking expenses, revenue, and profits. It can also help with budgeting and financial planning.
  • Control, safety, and compliance: This module helps to ensure that the fleet is operating safely and in compliance with relevant regulations. It can help to track safety training and performance, as well as ensure that vehicles are meeting safety standards.